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Board of Directors 2017-2018

Front Row: Kim Arter, Sara Lorentzen Jill Floth, Carol McCann
Back Row: Robbie Mang, Maria Sorick, Suzanne Hinman, Patti Lee, Julie Harmon, LaVonne Lee, Jan Anderson, Jan Zieg, Donna Hamilton, Linda Miller

President   Jill Floth
President-Elect   Sara Lorentzen
Secretary  Carol McCann
1st  Vice President Philanthropic Programs  Patti Lee
2nd Vice President Resource Development  Linda Miller
3rd  Vice President Membership   Donna Hamilton
4th  VIce President Marketing Communications  LaVonne Lee
5th Vice President Support Services  Kim Arter
6th Vice PresidentEducation   Jan Zieg
7th Vice President Strategic Planning   Suzanne Hinman
8th Vice President  Information Technology   Julie Harmon

Treasurer   Maria Sorick
Assistant Treasurer 

Parliamentarian   Robbie Mang

Community Advisors 2017-2018


John Heil  Attorney, Baird Holm LLP
Rebecca Kleeman  Communications Coordinator, Millard Public Schools
Mike Loeffler  Senior Director for External Affairs, Northern Natural Gas 
Tracy Madden-McMahon  Chief Development Officer,  Methodist Hospital Foundation
Larry Uebner  Banking, Sister Cities, Foundation First
Christina Warner  Staff Development Coordinator, Omaha Public Schools
Jerry Warner  Executive VP, Farmer's National Company


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